Platform for African – European Partnership on Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD)

Platform for African–European Partnerships for Agricultural Research and Development (PAEPARD)

The FARA Secretariat, EFARD, NATURA and the European Commission have recognised that they could have more impact if they aligned their research institutions with African priorities and agendas.  PAEPARD is a sustained partnership that mobilises resources for priority projects that combine African and European institutional and financial resources for mutually advantageous projects.  Potential collaborations include RAILS and BASIC, where European expertise would be most valuable.

PAEPARD Objectives

PAEPARD seeks to strengthen African ARD stakeholders’ capacity to participate in European-led development initiatives for Africa and to create more responsive development programs for Africa.  Its specific objectives are: 

  • To conduct studies that will assess and analyze past and present EU–Africa cooperation and its corresponding instruments of partnerships and identify gaps and opportunities for future collaboration
  • To hold consultations to validate the study and present its rationale and findings 
  • To develop an information and communication strategy that can be used to increase participation by ARD stakeholders from Europe and Africa in efforts to implement the EU strategy for Africa and CAADP 
  • To strengthen the capacity of African ARD stakeholders to take part in African agricultural innovation and to participate in European development initiatives for Africa.
  • To establish mechanisms for sustainable European–African partnerships.

 The Africa–Europe agricultural research collaboration mechanism will be based on existing frameworks such as the EU strategy for Africa and NEPAD’s CAADP.  It facilitates the implementation of approaches that increase value addition between EFARD and FARA programs.

Exit Strategy

PAEPARD’s added value is creating inter-regional linkages and facilitating multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional partnerships. It will function as long as there is a call from FARA’s stakeholders for interventions to strengthen their partnership with Europe.