The Sub Saharan Africa Challenge Program (SSA CP)


 SSA CP Pilot Learning sites



West Africa (KKM) based on agro-ecology

1. Sustainable agricultural intensification in the Sudan Savannah zone [IITA]
2. Innovation platforms to improve livelihoods in the Northern Guinea Savannah [IFDC]
3. Improving rural livelihoods in the Sahel of Niger [INRAN]


East Africa (L.Kivu) based on Watersheds

4. More food products and better nutrition at reduced cost and minimal degradation of the natural resource base [ISAR]
5. Beneficial conservation and sustainable use of natural resources [Makerere/ICRISAT]
6. Wealth creation through agro enterprise diversification and improved market access [CIAT]
Southern Africa (ZMM) based on Value chain

7. Expansion of horticulture value chains in irrigated and rainfed systems. [IPGRI]
8. Integration of sustainable soil fertility management innovations into staple food value chains in high and low potential systems [SOFECSA/CIMMYT]
9. Integration of efficient water and nutrient use innovations in high and low potential cereal grains systems [TSBF-CIAT]