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UniBRAIN - Brief no.1

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1st Pan-African Conference on Stewardship of Agricultural Biotechnology



UniBRAIN - Brief no.2


Agricultural Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Experiences from Multiple Stakeholder Approaches CIARD brochure English     /     French


List of Publications

Unlocking the Potential for Integrated Agricultural Research for Development in the Savannah of West Africa
FARA Next Chapter- Brochure
Mainstreaming gender equality in African agricultural research and development: A study of constraints and opportunities- French version
Maximizing Impact from Agricultural Research: Potential of the IAR4D Concept
Making things happen- series 2
Environmental Framework Structure and Policies for the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)
Innovation for Sustainable Intensification in Africa by Calestous Juma, Ramadjita Tabo, Katy Wilson and Gordon Conway
Assessment of current capacities and needs for institutional and individual capacity development in agricultural innovation systems. Regional Synthesis report for Africa
Lessons and Impact of Partnerships: Experiences from FARA’s Initiatives in Africa
Mainstreaming gender equality in African agricultural research and development: A study of constraints and opportunities
Strategic issues around capacity development for agricultural innovation in Africa
A pilot study on institutional and organizational changes in selected agricultural research and education institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa
An analysis of compliance with selected SPS measures in ESA
SABIMA Case Studies
Regional Parlimentarian Dialogue 2012
Input Market Initiatives
CAADP Pillar IV strategy and operational plan
Agricultural innovation systems :an investment sourcebook
Making things happen
GA Proceedings - French
Agricultural Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa experiencws from multiple-stakeholder approaches
Emerging approaches for responding to climate change in African agricultural advisory services
Agricultural Innovation for Sustainable Development
5th FARA GA Proceedings - 2010
Status of Biotechnology and Biosafety in Sub-Saharan Africa
FAAP - French
FAAP - English
Research Data Management System
IAR4D_White Paper-French version
FARA Governance Manual English
Governance Manual French
FARA Constitution English
FARA Constitution French
Proceedings of the GCARD Face to Face Consultation in Africa
Inventory of Innovative Farmer Advisory Services using ICTs
Regional Agricultural Productivity Programmes
Framework for African Agricultural productivity (FAAP)
Inside SSA CP January-March 2008
Cadre pour la productivité agricole en Afrique
FARA Constitution - English
FARA Environmental Policy
FARA Medium Term Operational Plan 2007-2011
FARA Strategic Plan Companion Document
FARA Governance Manual
NARS Assessment
First External Evaluation Programme and Management Review (EPMR) of FARA
A review of selected multi-country agricultural and natural resources management research programmes and projects in Africa: lessons for the future
FARA Secretariat Medium Term & Operational Plan 2008-2012

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